Get your Own Police Coaching Book Published and Start Your Own Certified Police Coaching Business


What we have learned from Ferguson is that poor ethical leadership, mismanagement, and violation of corporate governance rules can destroy the brand of a police department completely and are the main contributors towards a low performance police force. This is becoming an epidemic in America. There is a complete rebirth of trust in police officers urgently needed. Rebuilding trust in the police department starts with rebuilding trust in its police officers. Rebuilding trust in the police officers starts with police officers being authentic and aligned with themselves. This cultural change can be realized via individual coaching of police officers with our unique and innovative Authentic Personal Brand Coaching system. Each police officer should be coached individually and undergo this organic process of personal change. This special program is geared to police officers who wish to enhance their effectiveness, become a value based leader, attain their full potential, and create awareness for personal integrity and self-responsibility.

The US has around 500,000 police officers and a total of 40,000 separate police forces. There’s no police force in the country, where police officers are coached individually to manage themselves effectively, develop awareness for personal integrity & accountability, develop self-responsibility & self-discipline, work smarter, enhance personal effectiveness, and improve themselves measurably, concretely, continuously and routinely. There’s no police force in the country, that focuses on creating a high performance ethical culture in which police officers can work smarter, improve themselves continuously and creating a real learning organization. Instead, they focus mainly on cosmetic tools, like body cameras, nice police cars, police firearms & tactical weapons, sporadic training, nice pep talks by police chiefs and commissioners, etc. This is not the way to create a high performance ethical culture, rebuild trust and to make a difference sustainably. The result of the implementation of our revolutionary coaching system is a high performance ethical culture, allowing police officers to realize their full potential and contribute effectively, while the police department benefits from increased public trust, safer communities and higher customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, many police coaches and consultants are struggling to get their own coaching book published globally in many languages, because they are too busy, don’t have a strong international book publishing network or their coaching concept is not authentic/holistic/sustainable enough. Prof. Dr. Hubert Rampersad (Chairman at Technological University of the Americas in San Jose, Silicon Valley), has a passion for inspiring coaches and consultants to strengthen their coaching concept (by making it more authentic / holistic / measurable / sustainable), helping them get their coaching manuscript published globally in many languages within 5-6 months and help them to establish their own authentic personal brand coaching business effectively. He did this for other coaches and consultants globally (USA, Europe, Asia, Russia, Brazil, ..) to become a bestselling author and establish their own personal brand coaching business successfully, based on their own new book. One of these coaches is Dr. Rudy Garrity, Founder/CEO at American Learnership Forum, Inc. in Washington DC, USA.
This is what he posted on LinkedIn: “I am pleased that Dr. Rampersad is making this offer. I completed his Master Coach Authentic Personal Branding training, had my personal book professionally published, and am using it to add value and revenue to my coaching and consulting business”. Dr. Rampersad is willing to do this for you as well. This process entails three steps: 1) get trained and certified according to our Police Personal Brand CoachingTM certification program as Master Certified & Licensed Authentic Personal Brand CoachTM 2) Get support from Dr. Hubert Rampersad to write and publish your own bestselling personal brand coaching book and get it published globally within 5-6 months, and 3) Get support from us in establishing your own successful police coaching business. Please read our related proposal below.


The Authentic Personal Brand Coach Federation (APBCF) coaching practice skyrocketed after the 2007-2013 publications of Dr. Hubert Rampersad’s Authentic Personal Branding books in 20 languages. It’s the world’s only authentic personal branding and corporate branding proven methodology. We have trained over 150,000 coaches, consultants and executives in our seminars and brand coaching programs worldwide. Authentic personal brand coaching has become one of the fastest-coaching businessgrowing and most sustainable coaching disciplines of all.

Complete Authentic Police Personal Brand System for Coaches, Trainers and Consultants

We would like to share this success with you and help you publish your own bestselling book and create or grow your own coaching / training / consulting practice using the same methods, tools, and techniques that have made us and our certified licensed coaches so successful. You’re also invited to join a select number of Authentic Personal Brand CoachesTM who are certified and licensed to deliver our authentic personal brand coaching system in your own network. The program is designed to help police coaches and consultants to boost their businesses, and allow them to expand their coaching practice drastically. Start a new career with the best Authentic Personal Brand CoachingTM certification program available while making a difference in your life and in the lives of police officers. What could be more satisfying than learning a new career and making more money with it while helping others to succeed in business and life in a sustainable way? Authentic Police Personal Brand CoachingTM is becoming a fast growing profession. Our certification course includes all the course materials you will need to begin your own practice immediately after graduation. It’s based on Dr. Rampersad’s new book: “Authentic Personal Brand Coaching; Entrepreneurial Leadership Brand Coaching for Sustainable High Performance’Rampersad ad panel.

As a certified and licensed Authentic Police Personal Brand CoachTM, you’ll be able to use our complete coaching ystem and all its materials effectively. We provide a complete support system after you graduate; you will be guided to write and publish your own coaching book and we will help you in establishing your own Police Personal Brand Coaching business (become a Self-Employed Authentic Police Personal Brand Coach) or become an Independent Authentic Police Personal Brand Coach Representative and APBCF Chapter Leader in your region. As a coaching professional, your main priority is to get more happy clients and keep them happy. The only way to do that is to deliver your coaching services in a way that provides clients with concrete, measurable, tangible and sustainable results. This is the key to a successful coaching business. Even if your current coaching approach is working OK, you’ll be much more effective when you take your clients through our proven personal branding system, as opposed to coaching and counseling them the same old way.

The Only Professional Police Coach Training, Master Certification and Licensed Program that Can “Skyrocket” Your Income!

According to this article “9 reasons that ICF competencies are not sufficient for success as a coach“, most ICF coaches struggle to make a living. Our Authentic Personal Brand coaching system will earn you a very good living while also giving you financial peace, work–life balance, and a lot more freedom and independence in your business. There’s no need to spend years developing your own authentic personal brand coaching system and training materials, we have already done this for you! For a one-time, very reasonable investment, you’ll get an accelerated intensive 3-day classroom authentic personal branding training plus related individual coaching, receive our complete hands-on program, training in how to use the system, a lifetime Certified and Licensed Authentic Personal Brand Coach logocertification & license, and a road map that shows exactly what to do and how to do it, including templates, samples, forms, exercises, and specific guidelines which guide you step-by-step through our Authentic Police Personal Brand Coaching & Corporate Branding system with every client. Leveraging this material, you’ll be able to do in-depth authentic personal brand coaching, training and consulting, offer authentic personal branding seminars, conduct authentic personal brand webinars, and sell premium authentic personal brand products. This will substantially boost your income and enhance your credibility as an authentic personal brand coach, trainer and consultant!

It’s the fastest and easiest way to become a 6-figure police coach by attracting all new clients you can handle. It includes everything you need to succeed. As Certified Authentic Police Personal Brand Coach Licensee you’ll have access to all our training programs and social media marketing support to help you build your own successful business. We will also provide you all our digital course materials related to Female Entrepreneurial Leadership Branding , Authentic Police Branding; How read more About APBCFAuthentic Police Brand Management Builds Public Trust and Safer Communities , Political Leadership Branding,Authentic Corporate Branding , Personal Leadership Branding, and our other below mentioned business related branding programs. In this way you will start generating cash in the first month after your certification and your return on investment will be very short. When you integrate our Authentic Personal Brand CoachingTM system into your practice, you’ll attract more top-level executive clients and get higher fees and it allows you to expand your business by hiring and training other coaches in this fastest-growing coaching discipline. We also teach you how to market your practice by assisting you in assembling brochures, web sites, and many other marketing materials and provide ongoing assistance after here code of ethics--

Read below what your total investment is to become a Master Certified & Licensed Authentic Police Personal Brand CoachTM , get your own police coaching book published globally and get complete support in establish your own successful police personal brand coaching business, and how long your return on investment is. apply-now

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Certification Process, Application Requirements and Graduation Requirements

The Master Certified & Licensed Authentic Police Personal Brand CoachTM Credential is for the practiced authentic personal brand coach. APBCF is the certifying body for this certification program. APBCF’s certification process confirms your authentic personal branding education, continuing professional development and commitment to the highest ethical standards. It’s for Police Officers, Police Coaches, Police Consultants, Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Executive Coaches, Professional Coaches, NLP Practioners, Ontological Coaches, Behavioral Coaches, Mentor-Coaches,  Leadership Coaches, Career Management Coaches, MBTI Assessors, Corporate Facilitators, Professional Coaches, Business leaders,  MBA graduates, Business Consultants, HR Consultants, Management Consultants, Human Resources Managers, Leadership Trainers, Psychology Consultants who have at least 200 hours of coaching experience.

Duration of the standard program: 4 full day classroom Personal Leadership Branding training plus 15 hours personal coaching by APBCF to help you develop and implement your authentic personal brand effectively and support you as the coaching experience unfolds. We keep our class size very small, so that we can provide more one-on-one training and cover all aspects of the coaching process.

read more APB Coaching core competencies Graduation requirements: a) intensive classroom Personal Leadership Branding training successfully finished via APBCF and b) Submitted a detailed description of  authentic personal branding coaching with one client, performed in a manner that demonstrates the use of the authentic personal branding principles with  attestations from clients. You receive your certification immediately upon graduation.

How to use the authentic police personal brand system

As a Certified & Licensed Authentic Police Personal Brand CoachTM, you’ll be able to use the system and all its materials: a) As a roadmap to establish and build a successful Police Personal Brand coaching/training/consulting business, b) Individually with clients in one-one-one, intensive personal brand coaching relationships, c) In group training settings, including workshops, seminars, conferences, etc., d) As an in-depth methodology for the Authentic Police Personal & Corporate Brand consulting process (including all the exercises, examples and forms you’ll need), and e) As the basis for publishing articles and creating presentations. All this will be included in your own personal brand coaching book!

What will you get when you become a Master Certified & Licensed Authentic Police Personal Brand CoachTM Here’s what you get when you become a Master Certified & Licensed Authentic Police Personal Brand CoachTM:

  1. You will get full support from Dr. Hubert Rampersad in writing and publishing your own police coaching book globally within 5-6 months after graduation.
  2. One signed copy of Dr. Hubert Rampersad’s personal brand coaching book in English language and all his other branding and human performance books in PDF format. You will also get 30% discount for purchases of all his related books. Our related training and coaching documentation is in English, Spanish, Brazilian, Russian, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Polish, Finnish and Dutch language.
  3. You will be listed on a registry that is available to potential clients and employers at the Authentic Personal Brand Coach Federation website
  4. All our related personal branding training materials and promotional marketing materials and e-flyers in digital more benefits
  5. All our promotional marketing materials and e-flyers in digital format.
  6. One professionally produced binder, complete with forms, templates, and samples to use with your clients.
  7. Use of the Authentic Personal Brand CoachingTM logo. You will receive logo graphics to certify that you are a certified licensee. You may use these graphics on your website and all other marketing materials.
  8. An official certificate, designating you as a Certified & Licensed Authentic Police Personal Brand CoachTM. This document will be signed personally by the Authentic Personal Brand CoachingTM creator, Dr. Hubert Rampersad. You can hang this certificate in your office for your clients to see.
  9. A listing in the APBCF Membership Directory. Every certified licensee gets a free listing in our online APBCF directory with a headshot, professional biography and link back to your website.
  10. Continuing education. Every year, you’ll have the opportunity to spend 1 day with Dr. Hubert Rampersad and his team in Silicon Valley, California at your own expense. This experience will teach best practices and new developments in this area.
  11. Skype conference. Two times a year, you’ll be able to participate in a skype conference call with a Master Certified APBCF Coach on a topic of special interest to licensees.
  12. You will get a recommendation from Dr. Hubert Rampersad on your LinkedIn profile.
  13. You are eligible to become an APBCF Chapter leader in your home town.
  14. You are eligible to publish joined articles with Dr. Hubert Rampersad and other Master Certified & Licensed Authentic Personal Brand CoachesTM to build your on this botton classes

What is Your Total Investment

Everything mentioned above is included in your one-time licensing fee of $29,500 USD, with all the privileges, resources, and support in your book publication. After your initial investment, you will not incur any additional costs. No renewals and no upgrades. This is a one-time investment for a lifetime certification.

What is the Return on Investment

Your Master Licensed Authentic Police Personal Brand CoachTM certification and own police coaching book could pay for itself with just the first new client. Typical fees charged in the USA and Europe by Licensed Authentic Personal Brand Coaches look like this:

  • 1-month coaching program (two 1- hour sessions per week for executives): $10,000
  • 2-month coaching program: $25,000
  • 3-month coaching program: $35,000
  • 2-day Authentic Personal Leadership Branding seminar/workshop: $1450 per participant ($30,000 per company for in-house training)
  • Authentic Personal Branding and Corporate Branding consulting: $2,500 per more APB Coaching FAQs

View here how much more money other Certified and Licensed Authentic Personal Brand CoachesTM are making. Other sources of potential revenue you could enjoy once you become a Certified and Licensed Authentic Personal Brand CoachTM:

  • Professional keynote speaking to associations and corporate management teams: $5,000 – $10,000 per 1-hour event
  • Coaching sessions via skype: $2,500 per person
  • Webinars: $450 per person

Police forces will be your first clients, check this article why “How to Become a High Performance Ethical Police Force and Rebuild Public Trust Sustainably” apply-now  



                                                                Our authentic police personal branding system will help you to unlock your potential and build a trusted image of yourself that you want to project in everything you do. It also opens your view to new ideas, possibilities and opportunities. It is combined with powerful tools to deliver peak performance and to create a stable basis for trustworthiness, credibility, and personal charisma. Our methodology is spiritual, measurable, holistic, organic, authentic and sustainable. It taps deeply into self-awareness and helps others to develop innovative ways of doing business with social media and to position themselves strongly in this individual age. It has been proven in practice to produce sustainable results, not only for individuals but also for organizations. It’s neither cosmetic nor cloudy, and therefore clients are experiencing concrete results within 2 months.

Success Story

Please read this success story; The European Foundation for Quality Management awarded the first Belgium Police Force Heusden-Zolder the distinction “Recognized for Excellence (European Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award),” based on Dr. Ramperad’s unique authentic and holistic methodology. It’s the first police force in Belgium that ever received this prestigious award. Check also our testimonials from United States Air Force and US ARMY . Dr. Ramperad has also received the highest military recognition from the Special Forces of the Brazilian Army for training and coaching them in visionary & value based thought leadership.


Interviews and articles of Dr. Rampersad in Fortune Magazine, BusinessWeek and BrandChannel. Our authentic personal branding methodology is also being used at the University of California (UCLA) and MIT SLOAN. FORTUNE MAGAZINE brandchannel bw-logo                                                                                                ucla                                

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