Authentic Personal Brand Coaching Core Competencies

Authentic Personal Brand Coaching Core Competencies

The APBCF core coaching competencies will support you to have greater understanding about the skills and approaches used within the Authentic Personal Brand CoachingTM profession. Each competency listed below is related to APBCF’s authentic personal brand coaching methodology. The following behaviors must always be present and visible in any authentic personal brand coaching interaction:

 1. Meeting Ethical Standards – Understanding of personal brand coaching ethics and standards and ability to apply them appropriately in all authentic personal brand coaching situations:

– Understands and follows APBCF Code of Ethics,

– Clearly communicates the distinctions between authentic personal brand coaching, life coaching, executive coaching, consulting, psychotherapy and other coaching methods.

2. Establishing the Authentic Personal Brand Coaching Agreement – Ability to understand what is required in the specific coaching interaction and to come to agreement with the new client about the coaching relationship:

– Determines whether there is a match between the coaching method and the needs of the client,

– Understands and effectively discusses with the client the guidelines of the coaching relationship,

– Reaches agreement about what is appropriate in this relationship and what is not and about the client’s and coach’s responsibilities.

3. Establishing Trust with the Client – Ability to create a supportive and trusted environment that produces ongoing mutual respect and trust:

– Start each coaching session with APBCF’s breathing and silence exercise, which provide an intimate environment and allows for honesty and trust to develop,

– Shows genuine concern for the client’s welfare,

– Continuously demonstrates personal integrity, honesty and sincerity,

– Demonstrates respect for client’s perceptions and personal being,

– Provides ongoing support.

4. Coaching Presence – Ability to create a trusted and spontaneous relationship with the client, employing an open, flexible and confident style:

– Is open and flexible during the coaching process and sees many ways to work with the client,

– Is spiritual,

– Trust own intuition and inner voice,

– Uses humor effectively,

– Focuses on new possibilities for own action,

– Demonstrates confidence in working with strong emotions. 

5. Effective Communication – Ability to communicate effectively during coaching sessions:

– Is clear, articulated and direct in sharing and providing feedback,

– Reframes and articulates to help the client understand from another perspective,

– Uses language appropriate to the client (e.g., non-sexist, non-racist),

– Uses metaphor and analogy to help the client to illustrate or paint his/her personal ambition.

6. Active Listening – Ability to focus completely on what the client is saying:

– Allows the client to be more pro-active in order to move on to next steps.

– Hears the client’s concerns and beliefs about what is and is not possible,

– Summarizes and mirrors back what client has said to ensure clarity and understanding,

– Reinforces the client’s expression of feelings, perceptions, beliefs, and suggestions, pbsc book

– Integrates and builds on client’s ideas and suggestions and help the client to include this in his/her personal balanced scorecard (one of APBCF’s unique tools),

– Helps the client get there rather than engaging in long descriptive cloudy stories.

7. Powerful Questioning – Ability to ask the right questions, needed for maximum benefit to the client:

– Asks questions that reflect active listening,

– Asks questions that evoke out of the box thinking and those that challenge the client’s assumptions,

– Asks open questions that create greater clarity and new learning,

– Asks ambition questions that move the client towards what they desire.

8. Creating Self-awareness– Ability to make interpretations that help the client to gain self-awareness and thereby achieve agreed-upon results:

– Invokes inquiry for greater self-knowledge and self-awareness,

– Helps clients to discover for themselves their dreams, passion, new thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, emotions, moods, etc. according to the authentic personal branding methodology, that strengthen their ability to take action and achieve what is important to them,

– Communicates broader perspectives to clients and inspires commitment to shift their viewpoints,

– Identifies major strengths and major areas for learning and growth.

9. Personal Goal Setting – Ability to develop and maintain an effective personal balanced scorecard with the client:

– Consolidates collected information and establishes a personal balanced scorecard with the client that address concerns and major areas for learning and development,

– Creates a personal balanced scorecard with results that are attainable, measurable, specific and have target dates,

– Makes adjustments in the personal balanced scorecard as warranted by the coaching process and by changes in the situation,

– Helps the client identify and access different resources for learning (e.g., books, other professionals),

– Identifies and targets early successes that are important to the client.

– Guides the client to implement her/his personal balanced scorecard according to APBCF’s Plan-Deploy-Act-Challenge cycle.

10. Designing Personal Improvement Actions – Ability to create with the client opportunities for ongoing learning and for taking new personal improvement actions that will most effectively lead to agreed-upon coaching results:

– Brainstorms and assists the client to define actions according to APBCF’s personal balanced scorecard method that will enable the client to demonstrate, practice and deepen new learning,

– Helps the client to focus on opportunities that are central to agreed-upon their goals included in their personal balanced scorecard,

– Engages the client to explore alternative ideas and solutions to make related decisions,

– Promotes active experimentation and self-discovery according to the personal ambition framework, where the client applies what has been discussed and learned during sessions immediately afterwards in his/her work or life setting,

– Challenges client’s assumptions and perspectives to provoke new ideas and find new possibilities for action and include these in their personal balanced scorecard,

– Brings forward points of view that are aligned with client goals and engages the client to consider them according, to APBCF’s Plan-Deploy-Act-Challenge cycle.

– Helps the client to take action during the coaching session, providing immediate support,

– Guides the client to implement the improvement actions according to APBCF’s Plan-Deploy-Act-Challenge cycle.

11. Managing Personal Balanced Scorecard Progress and Accountability – Ability to hold attention on what is important for the client and to leave responsibility with the client to take action:

– Clearly requests of the client actions that will move the client toward their stated goals in her/his APBCF’s,

– Demonstrates follow through by asking the client about those actions in her/his personal balanced scorecard that the client committed to during the previous session(s),

– Acknowledges the client for what they have done, not done, and learned,

– Keeps the client on track by holding attention on her/his personal balanced scorecard and outcomes,

– Focuses on the client’s personal balanced scorecard but is also open to adjusting behaviors and actions based on the coaching process,

– Is able to move back and forth between the big picture of where the client is heading (his/her personal ambition), setting a context for what is being discussed and where the client wishes to go,

– Promotes client’s self-discipline and holds the client accountable for what he/she said and is going to do according to her/his personal balanced scorecard,

– Develops the client’s ability to be pro-active and to make decisions and address key concerns,

– Confronts the client with the fact that he/she did not take agreed-upon actions according to her/his personal balanced scorecard.

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