Authentic Corporate Branding

How to create a powerful, authentic, and memorable corporate brand identity that builds a trusted image of your company

Most buying decisions are based on trust, confidence, and the feeling of connection people have related to a product, service, or person. It’s the trusted relationship that counts, which often seems to be more important than performance. This is all about branding. A brand is the expectation, image, and perceptions it creates in the minds of others, when they see or hear a name, product or logo. Microsoft, Nike, Toyota, Volvo, and Coca-Cola tell us how they want others to perceive their products. These Company/Corporate Brands communicate what they want our perceptions and expectations of their products to be. Brands have become very important and powerful. This can be illustrated by the following data:cocacola

  • The average person in North America is exposed to more than 3000 brand messages each day.
  • People are willing to pay nine to twelve percent higher prices for a brand they know and trust compared to brands with which they are not familiar
  • Coca-Cola’s brand is to be worth about half the company’s total market value.
  • Branding is more important than marketing and sales.

There is a difference between these three activities:

  • Marketing is presenting. Creating a market by sending carefully crafted messages to the proper target audience through multiple channels creating awareness, affinity and understanding. It is planting the seed for sales by letting the customer know the product exists.
  • Sales is convincing. Selling is using questioning tactics, listening skills, and persuasion skills to convince the audience that they can’t do it without the product or service. It’s how you close the deal, after your brand has done its work and branding has gotten past sales resistance.
  • Branding is influencing. Creating a brand identity that associates certain perceptions, emotions, and feelings with that identity. Branding happens before marketing and sales. Without a strong brand, marketing is ineffective and selling is like beating your head against a wall of sales resistance.

So don’t waste all the time and money you spend on marketing and sales by not maximizing your brand. It’s about time to focus on branding. Branding is more effective, powerful, and sustainable than marketing and sales.

 By attending this exclusive master class you will gain understanding about:

  • building and implementing a distinctive, and compelling corporate brand.
  • building credibility and a solid corporate reputation
  • putting your company above your competitors
  • enhancing your sales performance
  • positioning your company effectively
  • building your business with social media marketing
  • creating positive perceptions and emotions in the mind of your clients (that your company is different, special, and unique).
  • building a strong reputation that is aligned with the corporate vision, develop an effective image of your company that your business wants to project in everything it does.

Who should attend: This unique and highly practical and interactive course has been specially designed for executives and managers who wish to differentiate their company and position their company strongly in relation to competitors, and build credibility and a solid reputation.

Why Attend this Exclusive Master Class: Building an authentic corporate brand is an evolutionary and organic process and a journey towards business success. This seminar provides you a holistic and complete branding framework that will help you to create a powerful, authentic, consistent, and memorable corporate brand identity that builds a trusted image of your company.

The complete framework for defining and implementing a sustainable, powerful and authentic corporate brand identity


This workshop emphasizes the introduction of an organic authentic Corporate Branding model, which provides an excellent framework and roadmap for formulating and implementing a sustainable, powerful, authentic Company Brand. By way of this unique workshop, Dr. Hubert Rampersad will offer you an advanced breakthrough formula and a new blueprint to build, implement, maintain, and cultivate an authentic, distinctive and memorable corporate brand, which forms the key to enduring business success. It’s based on his bestselling book ”Authentic Personal Branding: A new blueprint for building and aligning a powerful leadership brand (Information Age Publishing, USA)”.


  • Authentic corporate branding model
  • How to define the corporate ambition
  • How to build the corporate brand
  • How to formulate the corporate balanced scorecard
  • How to implement and cultivate the corporate brand
  • How to define your personal brand
  • Aligning your personal brand with your corporate brand
  • How to create employee engagement and a happy workforce based on this
  • How to use social media marketing more effectivelyapply-now

Duration of the program: 1 day, 2 days or 3 days

Training Fee: Email us at for information about fee, dates and location. Fee includes seminar documentation, signed copy of Dr. Rampersad’s book and certificate of attendance from the Innovation University of Silicon Valley in California.

In-house: This practical workshop can be conducted in-house. We tailor the training according to your needs and requirements.

Follow up: This master class entails 3 CREDITS POINTS for enrollment in our MBA/PhD degree program.





12985386_824638520974245_2646527565497204144_nRampersad’s new Chinese branding book FIND THE BLUE OCEAN IN YOU  foreworded by Yang Yuanqing, Chairman of Lenovo.   lenovo 

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