Coaching Success Stories


“The Authentic Personal Brand coaching method is very unique as it helps, both the individual and the organization, in a holistic, measurable and sustainable way. The focus of the model on aspects of personal integrity and alignment of personal ambition to corporate ambition make for a strong foundation for employee and organizational success. Using the model for myself has helped me get a strong focus and a concrete way to realize my dream of helping individual lead happy, integrated and authentic lives and enabling companies to build a high performing engaged teams. ”   — Madhu Ganguly, Bengaluru, India           Watch Video


APBCF’s innovative coaching has been significantly valuable in my own life and career.  As a long time manager, educator and consultant in a wide variety of career fields; I have discovered that Authentic Personal Brand Coaching is the only comprehensive, measurable and holistic coaching framework currently on the market that leads to sustainable results on short term.  This certification program is considerably more advanced than the best programs in the field today…. __ Dr. Rudolph Garrity, Virginia, USA     Read More



“APBCF helped me transition effectively from real estate agent to Authentic Personal Brand Coach. I’m able to keep a more effective lifestyle and to take on difficult challenges in life. I am also more focused, use my time more efficiently, and I am generating more money because of my enhanced personal brand awareness.” __ Leonor Reis, Aveiro, Portugal     Watch Video



foto anwar

“APBCF helped me transition from consultant to Authentic Personal Brand Coach. APBCF has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support. I have clarity in my live purpose and a roadmap to translate my formulated mission and vision into reality. APBCF has kept me accountable to myself, taught me new skills how to deliver peak performance, how to position myself effectively with Social Media Marketing and reminded me to value myself and to always deliver what I promise. I’m able to better achieve my goals and keep a more effective lifestyle. I’ve been able to take on difficult challenges and I’m making intelligent decisions based on the facts and not just my emotions.  APBCF’s unique coaching methodology has been instrumental for me grossing over $180,000.00 additional income in just 1 year. I would highly recommend APBCF to anyone who would like to become more focused, use their time more efficiently, work smarter, be more innovative, see their vision come to pass, and generate more money.” __ Dr. Anwar El-Homsi, Pennsylvania, USA


“Personally I have benefited from Authentic Personal Brand Coaching and I want to share this with my clients. The Authentic Personal Brand Coaching has become an essential tool for me to help individuals to realize their dreams and helping learning organizations to deliver peak performance. It is a very challenging framework, meant for those who want to move out of their comfort zone and are serious in achieve more in life. .… “.  — Ronald Tan, Your Co-Creative Coach, Singapore      Read More  



foto robert bense 2“Certified Authentic Personal Brand Coach has been an invaluable system in taking me and my coaching business to the next level. Through helping me to define my authentic personal brand and company brand, working smarter, being more authentic, writing down my dream, defining related professional goals, prioritize my actions, see more efficient ways of getting things done, using social media more effectively, I have watched my coaching business grow and flourish in ways that I would not have been able to achieve without this powerful breakthrough coaching program and his related franchise program . In the last nine months of Authentic Personal Brand Coaching, I’ve seen a 95% net Euro increase.  APBCF has taught me to manage myself like a business.  The frequent contact and gentle reminders of getting me “back on track” shows me APBCF’s coaches are more than just  “authentic personal brand coaches”, they are friends who care. I’d recommend APBCF highly to anyone who wants to break out and move to the next level. I can confidently say that anyone who is serious about achieving their potential and maximizing their performance should consider this highly effective coaching program.” __ Robert Bense, PhD., Düsseldorf, Germany

 gerson“APBCF has been a source of inspiration and support. Its unique coaching methodology has been instrumental for me in helping more people and companies to become successful. I have clarity in my live now. APBCF has taught me new skills how to deliver peak performance and how to position myself effectively.” __ Gerson Souza, Campo Grande, Brazil




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